Annata 365 is a powerful Management Solution that was built as an add-on to ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and is specifically designed to support the automotive, light and heavy equipment, rental and fleet industries. It covers all the specific needs of the industry through a complete solution that contemplates the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Automotive Industry

The Annata Dynamics IDMS solution was developed to cover company processes that involve production, marketing, distribution, sales and maintenance of vehicles, including companies dedicated to vehicle maintenance, stores and workshops.

Manufacturing management involves not only the final product, but also its components, such as engines, parts and bodies.
This includes the entire ecosystem around passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks, including pick-ups, vans, sports vehicles, commercial vehicles (delivery trucks and transportation of large equipment and storks).

Annata 365 for Dynamics is an ERP built to cover the specific needs of the industry, meeting the entire cycle of a product, all in a single solution!

What does this mean?

It means that if you are in the manufacturing business,
vehicle distribution or even a
combination of both, we have a solution
specially created to cover your needs
of business and processes.

Rental of

Import and

Sales of new
and used vehicles

warranty and recall





How does Annata 365 work?

Annata 365 for Dynamics was built as a complement, fully integrated to ERP Microsoft Dynamics and uses the standard features of the solution to extend segment specific resources to support your company.

It manages all the key processes of your segment, be it automotive or equipment, supporting the complete management of the life cycle and allowing analyze your results in a simple and efficient way using the Annata Power BI (Business Intelligence) tool.

Annata 365 for Dynamics is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations which is a global, multi-site ERP solution, oriented to business management of all places and sizes.

It has accounting, tax, financial, purchasing, sales, WMS, human resources, project management, contracts, manufacturing and operations functionalities.

Together with Annata 365 for Dynamics you will have the possibility to explore advanced and specific management features inherent to the automotive, equipment, rental and fleet market since it offers processes oriented to these markets, following the best practices and supporting you to grow, modify and expand your business exploring your competitive differentials.

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