Thirteen companies from the group are already using the platform in Brazil, implemented by inove, the main Microsoft Partner from Latin America.

After more than fifty thousand work hours and over 150 professionals dedicated to the Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, inove, the main Microsoft Partner from Latin America and, IBOPE, an institute internationally recognized for providing market research, concluded the Brazilian phase of the project, initiated in December 2012, which 13 companies from the group participated in the entire process to adapt the solution to the business.

Inove also prepared for a decisive period: replicate the same standards and level of quality from the already active project in Brazil to the 12 branches in Latin America, which started with Colombia and Chile, in the interest of better integrating the back office, strategic planning and project budgeting from the 20 companies that belong to the institute. “We left the international branches for last, because 80% of IBOPE’s operations are in Brazil, so first we made sure everything was working here, allowing all companies to evolve together”, states Gustavo Moser, project manager from inove.

Considering the estimated end date of July 2016, inove fully committed, concentrating all efforts to finalize the implementation in the pre-defined date. “Not only we care for the level of quality, but also the commitment of delivering the project, specially knowing its importance, therefore, we predict reaching 80 thousand working hours”, says Moser.

IBOPE, being relevant in market research for media, public opinion, buying behavior, brand and market, always wishes to innovate. Supported by the ERP, the company believes in having an efficient management based on best practices, and yet, the integration between the most strategic sectors for the organization, which will increase productivity and cause an impact in competitiveness. “The choice for the technology that is the most adherent to our business was crucial, but finding the ideal partner for this project, made all the difference, because not all companies in technology have 24-hour support, making sure that the operation will not stop”, explains Fernando Oliveira, Executive Director from IBOPE Media.

By having experience in mission critical environments, where one of the challenges is implementing solutions without interfering in the organization’s routine, inove believes that a personalized consulting company and the full-time support are the secret of any secret and trust is the key element. “We are very pleased with the work that we have been doing for IBOPE and believe that, soon, this partnership will be renewed, because we are dedicated to preserve our clients’ satisfaction, with the help of our team specialized in support and committed to maximizing productivity of its clients, offering continuous improvements”, concludes Filipe Mingattos, Innovation Director from inove.