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Inaugurated in 2001, Spring Mobile Solutions is the world leader in applications and enterprise mobile services, in addition to being the company with the biggest growth in the market, increasing an average of 30% in revenue at the last five years. The corporation offers comprehensive mobile solutions, projected to allow organizations to increase its productivity, optimize processes and operations in real time and maximize the success in the business.


We have studied Spring’s situation and identified that a monthly thirty-hour contract would meet the client’s service-call necessity and also implement the required improvements, in order to evolve the company’s processes.

The Challenge

The company needed a dedicated assistance to the system’s instabilities and support when using the Microsoft Dynamics AX at the operations daily routine. Moreover, a team of specialists was required to interact with Microsoft, in order to solve potential problems faster and implement the KBs to meet new legislation.


Currently, the organization has a team of specialists at its own disposal, which has already implemented some functionalities for the Microsoft Dynamics AX, such as fixed asset, electronic payment, integration with the Telecom’s internal control tool for billing, implementing electronic invoices to automatically send to the clients the DANFE file (auxiliary document from the electronic invoices) in XML format. In the beginning of 2014, it was initiated the rollout for the Dynamics AX 2012 version.

“Today Spring has a partner that is at our disposal to support its daily procedures when using the system. The specialists from inove can help us go beyond the platform’s functionalities, allowing us to take advantage of all its benefits and also have processes completely adapted to our workflow.”

Luciano Matos – ERP Project Coordinator – Spring Mobile Solutions.