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The company Stericycle started its operations in the United States with the mission of being the biggest organization specialized hazardous waste management for the health sector. Presently, the company operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Romania, Portugal and Brazil, offering services for collection and transportation, treatment and final destination of waste (medical and industrial), as well as resource management strategy and hazardous waste management programs.

The Challenge

Manage the Brazilian division for customer service (CAC – Central de Atendimento ao Cliente) with efficiency and agility. Along with centralizing all the information from customer service in one system.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online – Service Module

The Project

All the team members from CAC used spreadsheets to organize the information regarding service calls and interactions with the client. This process became unviable due to the great number of storage information. Therefore, Stericycle chose the service module from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to support this division’s activities. The project was implement during six months by inove. The first Brazilian branches to use the software are located in São Luís, MA and Recife, PE. Currently, the other branches are being integrated to the system.

The Result

In the present day, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports an operation of 300 service calls daily, with the projection of reaching 500 when the system is already implemented in all offices. Furthermore, it is already possible to extract a few metrics from the CAC, such as types of service calls, in addition to increasing the quality of service and reducing the assistance time per client.

Stericycle’s Reference

“In a few months using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have already noticed the improvement in the CAC division. We have metrics and with the client’s information stored in one system, we are able to have a proactive customer service, anticipating the needs from clients and, consequently, adding value to our services. Our customer retention objective is becoming a reality.”
Bruno Guiss, Latin America IS Infrastructure Director from Stericycle.

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