The In-company Microsoft training

Ideal for qualifying users to work with the following solutions: Dynamics AX, Azure, SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

In addition to consulting and implementing, we also offer complete and customized training for companies that use Microsoft’s business solutions. All courses are created to offer content based on your company’s specific learning and training needs. As a result, your employees are guaranteed to learn how to use the solutions for improving and optimizing their daily processes.

How the In-company Microsoft training works?

Our In-company Microsoft training comprehends

  • Introduction to the software’s main functionalities;

  • How to perform the area’s processes using the solution

  • Pinpointing the software’s limitations and, if possible, how to overcome them;

  • Practical exercises on how to perform the functionalities, based on the market’s best practices;

  • Inove and your company will issue a course certification.

Our courses do not contemplate the following

    1. Support or on-site conferences;
    2. Manual or personalized procedures;
    3. We do not provide any type of hardware, software and hosting;
    4. Exporting, importing or data and file migration. As well as the installation and configuration of the solution at the work and training stations. The client will be trained and responsible for this task;
    5. We will not make any resource configuration at the client’s environment

What solutions are comprehended at the In-company Microsoft training?

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

(Modules: sales, marketing, services e social media)

Management of Microsoft Azure

Management of Office 365

SharePoint Online

Exchange Online

Management of Yammer

Skype for Business

OneDrive for Business

The Microsoft In-company training is recommended to?

  • All companies that want to reduce their costs with training;
  • Organizations that wish to boost their teams’ productivity and take full advantage of Microsoft’s solutions;
  • Small to mid-sized businesses that do not have a big budget for user training, but wish to teach them how to use the solutions correctly.


We do not offer private classes or training for Microsoft’s certifications. Our lessons are practical, with the aim of meeting the specific needs of our clients;

Our implementation services already contemplate the training of users.

Other In-company Microsoft training

If you did not find what you are looking for above, do not worry! We also offer fully customized courses, in order to meet your company’s requirements. Fill the form below and we will create a personalized course for your organization.

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NOTICE: we do not offer technical and development training regarding the solutions mentioned above. Our company delivers only practical training for end users.