What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers all of Microsoft’s infrastructure and a growing collection of integrated services, which helps reducing costs, giving the flexibility and scalability that clients need. The solution also has services for analysis, computing, database, mobile, networking, web and internet of things.


Hybrid cloud

With this cloud environment, the client does not have to choose between the cloud and on premise infrastructure, because Azure can be integrated to your company’s infrastructure.


Supports a wide range of operational systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices.


It offers a group of integrated tools, pre-built templates and services to manage enterprise, mobile, web and internet of things applications.


It offers business intelligence applications, such as Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics and Stream Analytics, allowing studies to improve customer service and identify new business possibilities.

Quality standards

The platform is executed in data centers managed by Microsoft in 19 regions worldwide, including continental China. The client that has operations in different countries, can count on a solid infrastructure and the same format and quality of service.

Backup and data recovery

Your files are backed up in three different locations, which avoids data lost even in natural disaster cases. If one of the backups is lost, the solution does a copy on another location, in order to maintain the three backup policy.


The Microsoft Azure is in conformity with global norms of data safety. Additionally, it prioritizes the client’s privacy by offering user access management and other safety tools. The client also has control and property over the collection, usage and distribution of its information.


Buying and maintaining a state-of-the-art infrastructure demands a high investment and continuous maintenance costs. With Azure’s on demand payment model, your company will pay only for the minutes of usage. Moreover, the updates for software, database and operational systems offered by the platform, do not generate additional costs for your company. This model makes Azure more profitable in short, medium and long-term.

Elasticity and full control

The solution allows monthly payments by minute and only for the services that were actually hired and used, with the possibility of upsizing or downsizing the scale of usage according to your company’s needs. In addition, you can turn on or off and expand or reduce the use of functionalities and available resources with a few clicks. Lastly, if your company requires more resources in certain periods of the day, month or year, you have the possibility to schedule or activate it manually.

Round-the-clock support

It offers technical support 24 hours per day and 7 seven days a week.

Most common reasons why companies migrate to Azure

1- You need data storage, infrastructures investment or have spent a great amount of money on local servers:

The platform can fulfill these needs with an image gallery of virtual machines that carry the most common operational systems and are ready to use. Moreover, it is possible to create databases with the SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle, which will have a capacity that meets the client’s requirements, reaching up to 64 processors each. Therefore, the client’s infrastructure can be continuously updated, but paying only for the services hired and time of usage. Consequently, the company can save money with maintenance and new investments in its local server.

2- Your company wishes to benefit from IT services, but cannot pay an in-house staff to provide for management and maintenance:

With our support, the company will not have the need to hire experienced professionals, allowing cost reductions without lowering quality standards for the infrastructure operation and its maintenance. Therefore, we offer support and management services provided by a team of specialists that are certified by Microsoft.

3- You company has websites and applications hosted in servers and needs to increase the scale of services, without raising the costs too much:

Your company website cannot withstand the periods of high traffic? In order to solve this problem without having to increase your service pack permanently, as it happens with other hosting providers, the platform allows scheduling the scale of services minus the excessive and continuous costs. Considering this option, the company can have an infrastructure to work on their website or the environment to develop and launch an application in very few minutes. In addition, as we already mentioned before, the payment comprehends only the time and the resources that were hired and used.

4- You organization requires data security:

The Microsoft Azure provides data protection through automatic backups, which are updated each time the files are altered, without overwriting its other versions. This procedure allows recovering different versions for the same file.

5- Does your business have a specific need and requires an appropriate and adherent solution?

We are certain that the Azure can help you! The platform has a variety of cloud solutions for all types of companies and needs. Next, you can get to know the platform’s most popular solutions or you can contact us through our form to find out everything Azure can do for your company!

Microsoft Azure’s most popular solutions

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