What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Dynamics AX is the Microsoft ERP. As a part of the Dynamics line of products, that carries the Dynamics CRM a system for customer relationship management and other enterprise management software, the AX is a solution for mid to large-sized companies, especially those with national or international subsidiaries. The platform’s functionalities include finance management, human resources and operations, along with applications for retail, manufacturing, service provision and governmental institutions. Moreover, the AX ERP can run either on premises or in the cloud.

Get to know the main benefits of this Microsoft ERP

Hybrid cloud

It can run either on premises or in the cloud.

Global support

Global support, including a variety of currencies and languages.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface that is similar to Microsoft Office.

Native integration

Native integration with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office, Dynamics CRM and others.

Open source

The system is open source, which allows customizations from independent developers, thus granting more independency to your company.

Reduce your TCO

Decrease your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Lifecycle Services and quick installations.

Why should you implement the Dynamics AX with us?

  • In eight years of activity, we did over 50 implementations successfully;

  • Currently, we have 51 clients with a Dynamics AX support contract;

  • Risk reduction, with an ERP system that adapts to a variety of tax legislations at different countries;

  • Our projects are customized according to your need;

  • We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that won the President’s Club prize four times in a role. The latter is granted to partners that meet a strict criteria of customer satisfaction and new projects implementations;

  • Our projects are developed and managed internally through our PMO office;

  • We have completed projects in multiple countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and the United Kingdom.

Find out more about the Dynamics ERP

What are its core functionalities?

Get to know some new functionalities from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013 R3:

  • Call Center: employees are able to receive orders by phone and create sales orders;
  • General Ledger: transferring opening balances in balance sheet accounts to a new fiscal year;
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management: item price comparing, enhanced posting routine and a new inventory aging report;
  • Master Planning: allows the estimation of future demand and creates demand forecasts based on transaction history;
  • Procurement e Sourcing: creates your own solicitation request for RFQs;
  • Production Control: a new and automated option for material reservation;
  • Project Management and Accounting:: new on-account billing rules and fee transactions that modify in proposal sales price;
  • Public Sector: allows publishing a request for quotation (RFQ) to the public Vendor portal and shows details of closed RFQs;
  • Retail: commerce Data exchange, updated retail server, new retail hardware station;
  • Sales and Marketing: register serial numbers during sales processes when preparing packing slip or the sales order invoice;
  • Transportation Management: plan transportation for inbound and outbound shipments, configuration of rate structures and visualization of driver check-in and check-out history;
  • Trade Allowance Management: define merchandising events, manage trade fund budgets, process customer payments which includes deductions;
  • Warehouse Management: configuration of inbound and outbound workflows, allows scanners/mobile devices to optimize precision in selection and discard processes.

How does Microsoft Licensing work?

There are four types of Microsoft Dynamics AX licenses that, although they allow access to all of the system’s modules, they also offer different actions and functionalities to the users. Microsoft supplies two licensing formats:


the license is bought for each named user, which means that only that specific employee can access the system with his/her login and password. This model is ideal for companies with only one work journey per day and have little variation in the daily number of employees.


this license can be bought for each machine, in other words, more than one employee can access the system from the same hardware. It is ideal for organizations that have around the clock operations and uses the same machine for different users.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP integrations

The Microsoft ERP can be integrated to a variety of software from Microsoft and other vendors. The main advantage is simplifying the execution of processes, which helps increasing productivity. Especially, the Microsoft native integrations, that has a well-known and friendly interface, which facilitates the transition between the processes and, consequently, optimizes the workflow for several teams.

Popular Microsoft solutions that can be integrated with the ERP

  • Enterprise Portal for Dynamics AX (built on SharePoint Services);
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Integration;
  • Microsoft SQL Analysis services (KPIs);
  • Project Server Integration;
  • WorkFlow;
  • Microsoft Project Client;
  • Microsoft Excel;
  • Microsoft Word;
  • Office 365;
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Among other products and integrations.

Integrations with solutions from other vendors:

the system can also be integrated to several CRM software, bank platforms, tax software and others. The most popular examples are SAP, Salesforce and Magento.

What is our inspiration?

Building a more productive world, with more quality of life and happier people due to technology.

Our solutions for Dynamics AX

Implementation Study

It minimizes the risks and helps optimizing the processes, therefore allowing an implementation that focuses on how your company does business. We perform a thorough study of processes, needed integrations, acquisition costs and system management, hardware necessities, among other aspects that guide all your company’s Dynamics AX implementation project.

check indicando que a inove dá a segurança na implantação de suas soluções


We perform the full implementation for the Microsoft Dynamics AX in the American continent and Europe.

Complete Rollout

We offer the ERP’s complete rollout, in other words, we implement the full system in companies that wish to expand their business to another country.

Localization Rollout

This solution is recommended for companies that already have a global template of processes, but need to apply the localization features from another country.

Implementation Auditing

It is recommended for projects that are already in progress. Hence, we develop a study to reduce risks and optimize processes at an ERP’s implementation.

Project Recovery

We perform the Dynamics AX’s project for implementations that are already ongoing, but are not progressing as expected. Therefore, by reversing the potential project failure, we can help getting back your company’s investment.


We implement all types of customizations, in order to optimize the processes and set up new functionalities.

Customer Support

We have a team 100% dedicated in providing full support for the solution.

Integration With Other Systems

Integrations with Microsoft’s native systems or from other vendor can be a complex procedure for non-specialized professionals. Therefore, we implement the integration between the Microsoft ERP and other software.

See testimonials from our clients

  • “Nós escolhemos o Azure e a Inove porque internamente não tínhamos o know-how para gerenciar e oferecer suporte para esse tipo de tecnologia e não queríamos aumentar nossos custos com a contratação de profissionais para as equipes das subsidiárias. Neste sentido, a infraestrutura na nuvem oferece um serviço completo, sempre atualizado, sem necessidade de fazer previsões sobre o licenciamento ou atualizações de infraestrutura. Outro destaque é que a Inove nos ajudou não só com o apoio do Dynamics AX no Brasil, mas também na previsão dos valores que precisamos investir em Azure e na sua gestão. A Inove é reconhecida pelo Microsoft pela expertise em conhecer como duas soluções se complementam.”

    Logo tipo da Tenax, multinacional italiana, cliente de implantação do Dynamics AX da inove
    Paola Simoncelli, gerente de projetos no grupo Tenax

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