Microsoft support services for business

The best way to get quick responses for unexpected problems or continuous improvements

We offer support from teams that are trained and 100% dedicated in assisting and solving any problem that the users or IT department may have when using the Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Microsoft Azure and SharePoint.

Our main objective is offering continuous improvements and allowing our clients to get the best outcomes from their investments in IT, resulting in growth of user productivity and cost reduction, through optimizing the business processes conducted by their teams.

Types of service calls and occurrences that we work with

The advantages of our Microsoft support for business solutions

Supplement the support offered by Microsoft

Our main goal is supporting your users or IT area by offering solutions for the Dynamics AX, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM, thus helping the performance of tasks and the team’s productivity. Moreover, the service is an addition to Microsoft’s support scope, which is based in solving only particular problems.

Dedicated Team

Specialists and functional consulting professionals are always available to offer the remote assistance that your company needs, in order to avoid stopping your operation.


In agreement with the client’s necessities, we offer flexible packages, to comply with their demand for assistance, improvements and corrections.


The client receives weekly reports to follow the details and status regarding the service calls that are opened, closed or in progress. Also, we inform all the actions that still need to be performed to finalize the service request.

Easy Access

You can request service via phone, e-mail or our website dedicated to the customer. Moreover, our Customer Portal allows you to visualize all of your project’s documentation, the service calls history, contracts and proposals between inove and your company.

Based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement)

We have a response time to every level of service call pre-agreed with the client, which is based on how urgent the failing process is to your operation. The levels of urgency are low, normal and high.

Get to know the three support packages we offer

By hours

you can have a contract with predefined hours to be used for your service calls or occurrences. When you request a service, you will receive the hours estimated to solve your problem, thus deciding to proceed or not with the task. This service is ideal for companies that have a limited budget or an IT team that can meet your necessities internally;

By service call

your company will have a monthly number of service calls to be used, including all levels of urgency. This service is ideal for small to mid-size businesses that wish for more security when performing processes internally;


with a biannual or annual contract, our specialists will be available to meet all of your company’s service requests and occurrences. This service is ideal for reducing IT costs and optimizing the solutions you have already acquired.

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