What's Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

The system for customer relationship management, CRM, is structured with three integrated modules: sales, marketing and service. Therefore, your company will be able to map the client’s complete experience, measuring its results in sales, marketing campaign organization and establishing rules and customer service criteria for after-sales or support. You already know the result: satisfied customers, buy more, increasing your revenue and helping your organization grow!

The Dynamics CRM Online main functionalities

Sales force automation

Automate your sales process by synchronizing the sales team schedules with your CRM and creating alerts and tasks every time a specific action occurs. Moreover, the sales module allows you to discover which stage of the pipeline your customer currently is, identify what activities the sales professionals are developing and execute optimizations to help your team close more deals! This module’s other possibilities include managing individual and collective goals and having a sales forecast aligned with your business objectives. The CRM Online from Microsoft is ideal for your organization if you need more control, interaction and precision, in order to increase your sales team success.

Optimize the investment in marketing campaigns

Which campaigns generate the best results for your company? How clients can be categorized? What are the most assertive types of communication to each customer profile? The marketing module from the Dynamics CRM gives your team full control over its campaigns and the material that your clients need to receive to support the sales team, strengthen your brand, boost new purchases or inform changes in your support. The platform also has the possibility to create quick campaigns, in which the sales professionals can send discounts or deals that aim to speed the decision-making process.

Surprise your client and increase your after-sales team productivity

The Dynamics CRM service module allows your company to define the maximum time (SLA) to give feedback to your customer about its requests. Moreover, it is possible to manage contracts, define priorities in service call resolutions, calculate the client service time and direct the best professionals to the numerous types of occurrences. Only after-sales professionals that are connected to the client’s necessities and are sharp when solving problems can charm and surprise their clients!

Manage all customer service areas using charts

Having graphic representation that, if necessary, can verify detailed data is one of the best ways to speed and support the decision-making process for the company management. Customizable panels can give you access to all information that enables planning, optimizing and reorganizing processes from sales, marketing or after-sales.

See the platform’s benefits


Using a tablet, smartphone or a simple browser, makes it possible to access, modify, include or edit data quickly. Therefore, your customers will receive a personalized service regardless of where your representatives are.

Simple licensing

With only one license, you can already access the three Dynamics CRM modules and in case you need more resources to manage your marketing campaigns, monitor social media or simplify self-service for your clients, you can purchase additional modules for the platform. Completely different from other software that require creating product packs to access even basic services, right?


Based on the interface and familiar navigation from the Windows system, which is also completely adapted to the touch screen technologies, the Dynamics CRM users can adapt easily to the system, requiring less training time.

Easy to personalize

Modifying, including and removing field names, establishing required or optional fields to be filled in order to conclude a step of your client service, defining different service response times or a personalizing sales process, are a few of the simple modifications that your company will be able to perform, without the need to hire a developer.

Extremely customizable

Being an open source system, allows the Dynamics CRM to adapt to your business’ most specific needs.

Continuous updates

Microsoft releases updates regularly, which include new resources, functionalities and integrations. As a result, your company will have a modern platform based on the market’s best practices and customer management relationship.

Cost reduction

The Microsoft CRM Online brings together the best of cloud computing, which is cost reduction and the necessary investment to adopt and maintain the solution, in addition to including the sales, marketing and service modules, not requiring additional licenses.

Microsoft CRM in numbers

million Microsoft Dynamics CRM users
companies are clients of this solution
consecutive semesters, Microsoft grew 2 digits in revenue for CRM sales;
is the growth percentage of sales in CRM Online for the last year;
clients adopt the solution’s new versions

Líder é a forma como as consultorias Forrester and Nucleus CRM e Gartner consideram a solução de CRM da Microsoft;

The advantages of the Dynamics CRM Online

Our solutions for the Dynamics CRM Online:


You can do a consulting hours contract to perform integrations, maintenance and support for your Dynamics CRM Online. We have a team 100% dedicated in providing complete support for this solution.

Project recovery

Did your business buy licenses, but the consulting company wasn’t able to adapt the system to your necessities? Our team is experienced in recovering implementation projects for the Dynamics CRM. Therefore, we reverse the project’s potential failure and help your organization regaining its investment.

Customized implementation

Does your company need projects adapted to the specific rules and processes of your business, integrated with other platforms and completely personalized? If yes, this is the model for you!

5 step implementation

In approximately 30 days you will have your CRM, completely set up and ready to be used. This solution is ideal for small and medium businesses that want to ensure a quicker process and success in the adoption of a new solution.

Consulting about licensing

By mapping the functionalities and access that the users will have in the platform, our team of specialists in licensing can propose the best license combination, aiming to reduce the costs of you signature.

Why get the solution with inove?

  • We offer implementation models focused on the client’s requirements and with a price 66% lower than the market average;

  • Our implementation methodology has already been applied to more than 500 clients;

  • Our quick and simple implementation allows continuous evolution in your company’s CRM usage, which guarantees ROI for the implementation of each module, in case you are going to user the Marketing and Service modules, for example;

  • We are recognized as Partner of the Year 2015 for the Latin American and Caribbean regions in CRM;

  • We are a Microsoft Gold certified partner in CRM and Cloud CRM, also we have won the President’s Club award for four times, granted only for partners that reach a strict criteria of client satisfaction and new implementation projects for the Dynamics products;

  • We have a specialized team that is 100% focused on Microsoft’s cloud solutions.

What is our inspiration?

Building a more productive world, with more quality of life and happier people due to technology.

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