SharePoint Online: the best way to have a collaborative and efficient company!

The SharePoint Online has a diversity of usage possibilities for your teams, files and projects. Moreover, it allows your company and its departments to create team websites, intranet or extranet, helping the communication, workflow and interaction between its employees, suppliers, clients and managers. Find out more about the SharePoint:

How can your company use the SharePoint Online?


Using an e-mail can be a bad idea if sectors, departments or even small teams from your company, need to share data, use the same files, make documents available to other people, constantly exchange information or receive requests from other areas. The platform allows you to create folders or sites with functionalities, such as calendar, releases, folders with different levels of permission, among other functions that will simplify your organization’s tasks and work routine.


Message boards, company newspapers and pamphlets can be expensive, not reach all the employees and also are at risk of getting outdated quickly. Using intranet portals can help companies to communicate efficiently with their employees and reduce costs. These portals can provide manuals, materials about the organization’s politics, messages from the executive board, important announcements and even training videos, event photos or audio files, in order to support your employees’ daily routine. The best part is that only your workers can access that information and a selected group of your staff will be able to edit it.

Collaborative project management

Does your company develop schedules, has files that need to be revised, edited and/or approved by the client, create documents available with the status, decision records, subjects discussed and meeting minutes? Your company will be uncomplicated and everybody (clients, employees and partners) will be aligned with the project’s latest updates.

Extranet portals

It will optimize your company’s time and communication and will ensure the fast access to relevant information for clients and suppliers. The result is the satisfaction of all parts involved with your company!

Store and share files

Remember that meeting that you have prepared for, but forgot some important files on another device and, for that reason, had some difficulties? When storing and sharing files at the SharePoint Online, you can access any document and make it available (even offline), avoiding to compromise your project due to file losses or inattention. Moreover, editing and sharing can be managed, avoiding unnecessary modifications that can corrupt you files.

Electronic document management (EDM) and electronic content management (ECM):

Providing fast access to documents, not taking space or use paper, media or hardware in your filing system, is one of the main content organization functionalities from SharePoint Online. Any file can be searched and found through its research tool, provided that the user has permission to access it. Moreover, you can use this functionality to do your organization’s electronic content management, which is the evolution of EDM.

Create workflows

Tasks that need approval or that follow a process from beginning to end, can be automated by a workflow tool, the SharePoint Designer. This allows, for example, that each update at your team website or finished task be notified to the team manager with the status or an approval request that, if approved, also notifies the clients automatically or, if not, the platform alerts the employees that are responsible for it.

Connect to other platforms

Data from your customer relationship management (CRM) system, business management system or from any type of technology can be quickly integrated, stored or accessed via the SharePoint Online integration.

Do not choose only one functionality, with the SharePoint Online it is possible to have all or a combination of the ones most fitting to your company’s profile

5 main SharePoint Online benefits

Find out if your company needs this platform:

Statistics released by IDC, a consulting company specialized in business intelligence and information technology indicate that:

Average times that important documents are copied
is the average cost spent by a company per lost file
number of days that an executive spends per year looking for files

How can my company get the solution?

There are two formats of contract for the software:

  • You can purchase as an independent offer;
  • Or you can get it as one of the applications from Office 365. In this case, in addition to this platform, you will also have the Microsoft Exchange (corporative e-mail and calendar), the Skype for Business (an instant message and videoconference application), the Yammer (a corporate social network), plus other software from the traditional Microsoft Office.

How can we help you with the SharePoint Online?

  • Projects with reduced costs

    our exclusive implementation methodology for the SharePoint Online, allows us to reduce the costs that your company would have when hiring a consulting company to implement your project;

  • User training

    our team of specialists certified by Microsoft can teach your company users and system administrators how to use the SharePoint, create small personalization and insert new functionalities;

  • Improvements

    you believe that you need an update, a process review and/or inclusion of advanced functionalities? You can count on us with this task;

  • Integrations

    do you need the information, files or data to be automatically shown at the SharePoint, intranet or extranet portals, EDM and/or team sites? We can integrate it and program the platform to collect the exact data you need.

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